Social Practice, Public Art and Performance

Save the trees

My latest experiment in colour and abstraction is a social and political erasure. Reminiscent of Robert Rauchenberg's erasure of a De Kooning drawing, however, this is an act of conservation - not destruction. #savegandolfogardens #protectthetrees These trees are very old and may pre-date European colonisation (judging by the diameter). I got most of the graffiti off and the weather should do the rest.

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Performprint is a significant collaborative project, it encompasses the full spectrum of print and performance practices. Performprint blends theories on copy based technologies through print informed works and ideas of future human scenarios into live durational performance work.

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The weight of postmodernism

In this ‘Post’ era the weight of Postmodernism looms large. Many artists reject the developments of Postmodernism completely without comprehending their lived experience has already been influenced by the radical processes it invoked. Our lives are far more complex because of it. The rationality of diversity and pluralism are at its core which makes it a powerful force in our global/hyper context.

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