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I utilise various studio locations in Melbourne and abroad depending on the type of work I make. I have a Research Studio, a Painting Studio, and when making prints I utilise community print studios. I have had studios in different locations throughout the world during residencies and projects as well, my permanent studio in Brunswick is finally complete - Cozens Street - check it out!

Working in a screen-print studio on the Artbox commission "Don't stop - Pop!"



Research studio

I am currently completing a PhD at RMIT University. This is my studio on the corner of Franklin St and Swanston St right in the heart of Melbourne. This studio offers me the contemplative time to experiment and write.

Research studio

Research studio

Cozens Street. In 2015 I leased a place in Brunswick, Victoria that was basically an empty shell. I then, with the help of friends, began to build Cozens Street. We wanted to create a space where artists and creatives could work in a community of makers, sharing ideas and skills.




In 2014 I embarked on a residency in the Solomon Islands. This is my studio at the National Gallery in Honiara. I worked on a series of collaborations with artists I met there. This is Jimmy Sinumoana and Fred Oge, both well respected young artists in SI.

This is one of the lovely women who showed me how they use printing processes to make their famous Lava Lava

In the studio with a young student

Modes of copying in the collaborative work with Fred Oge and Jimmy Sinumoana.

All the artists outside the National Gallery

Painting Studio

painting and experimenting in the studio