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U think yr green?

For Christmas 2012 I decided to hitchhike up the east coast, I wanted the experience to be an extension of my art practice. I created a sign that could hang off my back-pack that would make motorists consider their role as emitters and offered an idea that exposed the irony of carbon trading.

The sign read: Let me reduce your carbon footprint. It is, at once, an irreverent humour pleading with motorists to pick me up – offering them a type of salvation for their guilt ridden east coast petrol guzzling journey- and on the other hand it discusses the irony that baffles popular interpretations of the carbon trading schemes. That is, that there is no real displacement, it is just a carbon neutral person allowing a carbon heavy person to use their neutrality to continue to exist in the same manner as before…

This work is an installation of the remnants of this journey. The sign itself, the photos I took and a cue card detailing some of the places I passed through.

You think yr green?

Performance vestige - tarpaulin, digital print on petrol station receipts and pen on card.

Dimensions variable